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AI LED Programming Instructions

Aqua Illuminations Hydra HD 26/52 and Prime Basic Set Up Instructions (Helpful tip: program all lights before mounting above aquarium) (Helpful tip: Have your WiFi and Email passwords ready and light(s) serial numbers written down) * Download the MY AI app to from your app store on to your phone or device. - Install and open the MY AI APP - Click LOG IN - Click on Create an Account ( fill out proper information). - Go to your email that you used when creating your account and CONFIRM the ACCOUNT.

1. Remove light (s) from packaging. Plug cord into the light(s) 1st and then plug the light(s) into an outlet. 2. Wait for small led light on back of light fixture to start flashing blue/green. 3. Note the serial number (s) on the back of each light and where that light is above your aquarium. (the serial # should look similar to this example : hydra d8976002049c 3. If connecting multiple lights, One of the lights will be considered the PARENT light, and all of the other lights connected will be considered the CHILD(s) . In the following instructions choose the light physically closest to your router 4. for IOS or Android go to settings, then wi-fi, and wait for the light(s) to appear. * (Look for light and serial number (s) to appear in your wi-fi. * In WIFI select the light physically closest to your router as your PARENT * at this time, only select the PARENT light 5. Go into the MY AI App (make sure you are still logged into your AI Account) * click the ( + ) sign * click AI-Fi 6. Now you will be on the Select a Device screen * select the PARENT light * now choose a name for the aquarium * click NEXT 7. Now you will be on Tank Lights screen * if setting up 1 light only … click NEXT (go to step 8) * if pairing multiple lights… click SELECT ALL * PARENT LIGHT WILL SAY PARENT, and the other lights should say CHILD * now click NEXT 8. Now you will be on the Connect to Network screen * Select your (personal) Wi-Fi * Enter your password for your Wi-Fi * click Done , the PARENT will blink GREEN and then the CHILD lights will blink GREEN, Wait for all lights to blink GREEN Click done 9. Look at the back of your lights, the PARENT led indicator light should be GREEN, and all of the CHILD led indicator lights should be BLUE * if so click OK 10. If syncing to your Wi-Fi was successful, in your MY AI App you should see your aquariums name under devices. One will say LOCAL and the other will say CLOUD. * click on CLOUD 11. Your MY AI App may say firmware update is available. (updating firmware is recommended) * If so, click update firmware (but you can skip this step by clicking NOT NOW) 12. For programming light * Click Schedule * Click Control at bottom of MY AI App page. * From here you can customize your lighting schedule , times, functions, and light spectrums.