About Us

iReef2 is an online live coral retailer dedicated to bringing stunning and interesting life to the reef aquariums of our customers. iReef2 offers a wide variety of high quality, predominantly aqua-cultured corals. It is our goal to provide a smooth and seamless retail shopping experience that brings the most impressive coral livestock to your door.

The passion of reef keeping has grown extensively throughout the world over the past few decades. The methods and innovations in reef keeping have improved drastically over the past several years. The marine aquarium hobby allows anyone to enjoy the bewildering beauty of nature in the setting of their homes or businesses. Designing and building a growing reef aquarium is quite definitely one of the most rewarding experiences that a hobbyist will enjoy. iReef2 understands the importance of offering our customers an experience that impacts nature as little as possible.  The coral propagation and fish breeding techniques that are evolving in the marine aquarium industry are proving to help create a sustainable industry for the future.   iReef2 will strive to help cultivate a strong marine aquarium industry that will soon propagate, produce, and breed a majority of these amazing aquatic species of fish and corals. Bringing these phenomenal creatures into our lives will offer more insight and understanding of the intricacies of biological systems and the behaviors of these creatures for generations to come. We lightly but seriously mention the prospect of “Corals in Space” someday. That someday might be sooner than you think.

Operators: Aaron Blake and Zach Stanley II

Established:  Greeley, Colorado in 2018

Industry Experience: By operators and supporting staff, over 35 years combined !